Clover Hill Holistic Arts Center & Meet Up

CHHAC Weekly Group Meetup

This is an "open" circle that has been established since April 2012 with the goal of helping others connect with their spiritual nature. Suggested donation for the 2-hour session is $5. You will learn intuitive skills, get involved in group exercises and enhance your connection with your Higher Self, your guides, and with Spirit. Along with learning skills to develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and the other clairs, mediumship development is also a part of the weekly session. Experience in a group setting and learn remote viewing, read auras, work with cards, numerology, angels, and experiment with other forms of intuitive tools that can ignite your innate abilities.

CHHAC has several meetups each month that are scheduled on a regular basis. Upcoming classes and events are can be found our meetup calendar. For a calendar of events, click here to visit our Meetup page and join our group.