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Energy Healing / PTSD Support & Healing / Hypnotherapy / Past Life Regression / Other Holistic Therapies

Energy Healing (Reiki / Healing Touch)

60 minutes $75.

A non-invasive, heart-centered caring approach to health and healing. Enjoy a soothing and relaxing combination of Reiki, Healing Touch & Sekhem energies with an intuitive touch to bring balance and harmony to the body and mind.

Benefits & Indications:
Promotes relaxation; energizes the body. Clears away blockages and balances the body & environmental field. Works on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually - for health and healing. Restores harmony and balance in order to self-heal efficiently. Complements conventional health care. Reduces pain and discomfort. Decreases anxiety, tension and stress. Prevents illness. Enhances spiritual development. Prepares for medical treatments & procedure and manages side-effects. Facilitates wound healing & supports post-operative healing. Clears the mind and opens the heart for finding answers within. Breaks up congestion and stagnant energies within and around the body. Helps to rid the body of toxins. Supports the dying process.

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PTSD Support & Healing

60 minutes $65.

If you're struggling with trauma from the past or a present traumatic event and you're having difficulty coping with it, this session will be given with compassion and with an intuitive touch that will guide you in your continuing growth. Embrace the wisdom that can transform you and bring movement, transition, and positive change into your life.

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Long Distance Healing

30 minutes $45.

For those who are unable to attend an energy session due to a physical disability or conflicting circumstance, or perhaps you live too far away, this type of healing can be done at long distances. A specific date and time would be set up for the healing experience.

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90 minutes minutes $125.

A therapeutic modality that highly relaxes the mind and puts one in touch with their subconscious mind to free it from limiting thoughts, help one build self-confidence, self-esteem, improve success and relationships, and/or rid the mind of such addictions as overeating, weight gain, and smoking. It can assist in purging out fears and phobias that restrict us from daily living.

Benefits of Hypnosis (and Past Life Regression):
Releases emotional, mental and physical blockages that can be crippling. Dissolves pain, tension and chronic holding patterns. Releases troubling emotional blocks that are often at the very core of the issues that bother you. Transforms limiting beliefs. Changes unwanted behavior without the use of drugs. holistically releases trauma from mind, body, and spirit and does so simultaneously. Heals complex issues not resolved by conventional therapy or medical treatment (not to say don’t seek medical attention!). helps to connect one to their Higher Self, to Higher Source, and to Inner Guidance. helps us find the solutions to the problems, questions, concerns and health issues that you want to resolve.

Types of issues that can be resolved:
Fears and phobias. Chronic depression. Anxiety attacks. Procrastination. Childhood trauma and abuse. Chronic neck and back pain. Issues of unworthiness and guilt. Insecurity and poor self-image. Obsessive thoughts. Blocked feelings. Insomnia. Alcoholism and other addictions. Fear of intimacy. Debilitating anger and grief. Fertility and pregnancy. Unlocking creative talents.

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Past Life Regression

2 hours $150.

A holistic approach toward discovering more of who you are by unlocking your subconscious mind to your past lives. This therapeutic hypnosis can release your creative talents, assist in understanding present relationships, and help you find solutions to problems, questions, concerns and health issues you currently experience.

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60 minutes $85.

Bring your body back into balance with this alternative massage treatment of your feet and hands. Based on the theory that the feet and hands have reflex points linked to every part of the body, this alternative modality promotes optimal organ function, relaxation of the body, and a state of well-being. Includes a soothing warm wash of the feet and hands prior to massage, and some stimulation to the calves, ankles, wrists, and earlobes.

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One-On-One Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy

60 minutes minutes $75.

Svaroopa®Yoga specializes in releasing tension in the muscles connected to your spine and in the deeper layers of your body. Poses are choreographed to decompress your spine from tail to top, allowing muscles to release and lengthen without forcing or straining, improving flexibility and ease in movement, while building strength, stamina, and vitality. It is suitable for beginners, those with limited flexibility, experiencing pain, recovering from injury, and benefits the body before and after athletic activities.

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Embodyment® Yoga Therapy

60 minutes minutes $75.

A gentle touch technique that promotes the release of deep tension in the muscles connected to your spine. While lying in a comfortable yoga position, a natural healing will take place that frees the body of emotional scars and helps it recover to its natural alignment. With deeper and more consistent effective results, it is said that one Embodyment® session offers the equivalent physical and psycho-emotional benefits of taking six Svaroopa® yoga classes.

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