Intuitive & Mediumship Readings

Private Readings, Love & Destiny Reports, and One-On-One Mentoring (in-person, via phone, or internet meeting)

Intuitive Readings (in-person, via phone, or Zoom internet)

15 minute sitting: $25.
30 minute sitting: $45.
60 minute sitting: $75.

Feel inspired and empowered with the support of a compassionate intuitive whose goal is to bring you confidence and more control of your own life. Find more clarity about your career path, life purpose, or current relationship. Discover the tools that can help you face challenges and broaden your awareness to your own unique and natural abilities.

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Mediumship Sitting (in-person or Zoom internet only)

30 minutes $65.
50 minutes $100.
50 minutes, 2 people $125.

Receive comfort and healing through a spiritual connection with your loved ones – family, friends, and animals, who have passed from this earth plane into their spiritual home. Come and discover that we are all a living and eternal link with the Divine Creator. Messages are waiting to be given with love and compassion.

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Intuitive & Mediumship Combo (in-person only)

25 min Intuitive + 35 min Mediumship $110.

Discover answers to your personal questions and concerns in your life for the first half of your sitting, and end your session with messages from loved ones who have passed and await to connect with you.

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One-On-One Mentoring (in-person & Zoom internet only)

1 hour $75.
1.5 hours $105.
2 hours $130.

Need a mentor for your spiritual growth? Whether you wish to improve your intuitive abilities, learn mediumship skills, discover how to read cards (tarot, angel oracle, etc), or gain knowledge about energy healing & techniques to heal self and others, Judith will mentor you one-on-one.

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Destiny Personal Year Report

One-Year Report Birth Card Influences (approx. 20-25 pages) $22.
One-Year Report Birth & Planetary Influences (approx. 30-35 pages) $28.
Two-Year Report Birth Card Influences (approx 30-35 pages) $34.
Two-Year Report Birth & Planetary Influences (approx 60-70 pages) $40.

Closely related to Astrology, this report incorporates planetary influences as part of its interpretation. Includes detailed descriptions of influences surrounding you during particular periods in your life. Can be used for personal guidance as it enhances understanding for making better choices and decisions throughout the year. Great for personal use and for birthday presents!

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Destiny Life Report

20 years Report (approx. 40-45 pages) $25
30 years Report (approx. 55-60 pages) $30.
40 years Report (approx. 65-70 pages) $35.

Discover the influences governing your life from birth on, plus detailed description of the energies influencing you for each individual year you request.

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Love Cards Relationship Report

Approx. 24-27 pages

Uncannily accurate, this report presents a detailed look at the relationship between two people –shows compatibility and helps one better understand why they have come together in this lifetime. Integrating Birth, Karma and Planetary Ruling Cards (influences), the report relays the top connections between you and another person. It can help guide couples (or friends, or business partners) to achieve success in their relationship, or at the least, help one understand the mutual and/or conflicting connections between one another.

Please specify type of report when ordering: 
(1) Love
(2) Friends/Family, or
(3) Business
One Love Cards Report – $24
Two Love Cards Report – $38 ($10 savings)
Three Love Cards Report – $57 ($15 savings)

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