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Community Health & Holistic Arts Center

CHHAC Mission Statement.

The mission of the Community Health & Holistic Arts Center is to strengthen personal development through natural alternative means for the betterment of health, healing, and growth. We are a unity of compassionate people committed to educating and helping individuals on all levels of being – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically – by empowering balance and positive life changes that support one’s higher potential.


Our Vision

Our vision is a loving union of awareness for all humanity – the coming together to create a greater whole. To develop a better future, we believe in promoting hope and optimism. We serve by helping individuals recognize and accept all aspects of self – body, mind, and spirit. We promote the opening of minds to new ways of thinking, putting one in touch with their personal strengths, thereby harvesting new perspectives that can establish positive directions for a meaningful life.


CHHAC Statements of Purpose

The Community Health & Holistic Arts Center (CHHAC) is an organization of like-minded people with various talents who have come together to serve the community through education and support, serving any who wish to create a better tomorrow for self and others.

CHHAC contributes to the education of mind, body and spirit for the public, helping to improve health and advance healing, encourages a better lifestyle by utilizing, as well as teaching, a variety of holistic arts that can enrich life and overall living.


The goals of CHHAC for the community include:

  • Assisting in releasing old habits and attitudes and freeing new parts of self (or rather revealing true parts of self)
  • Helping individuals toward reaching their highest potential and clarifying their life’s purpose
  • Educating the causes and effects in relation to disease and healing
  • Cultivating an improved lifestyle without negativity and fear
  • Strengthening personal power
  • Providing natural alternative ways to support personal growth, health and healing
  • Helping community to identify their strengths, evaluate their purpose, and adjust their course
  • Promoting positive life change

CHHAC provides a supportive variety of resources, including informative publications, continuing education, local networking opportunities, and focuses strongly on self-care, wellness, and the ability to use our own natural abilities to enhance life and promote fulfillment.


Judith Kohnen, RN, CHTP, SC-C, Cht / Founder

Judith has always been dedicated to the well-being of others, and after working more than 35 years in healthcare environments, she feels most at home in the natural healing arts. Her ultimate goal is in serving with a compassionate and personal commitment to the empowerment of others. A teacher of mediumship and intuitive development, and highly educated in energy work, spiritual counseling and other metaphysical subjects, Judith is also an inspiring writer and author.


Andrew Taylor, PTSD Mentor & Yoga Instructor

Andrew specializes in PTSD support and healing, combining it with his intuitive & mediumship gifts. A retired U.S. Army soldier and PTSD survivor, he dedicates his life to helping and guiding others who have also encountered traumatic life experiences. He is also a Yoga and Meditation teacher. Connect and book an appointment with Andrew by visiting his website at http://psychicsoldierproject.com/ or schedule a session with him via our WebShop page.

Elizabeth Longs, Psychic/Medium

Elizabeth has been an intuitive for most of her life and shares her abilities with love and compasssion. She is dedicated and passionate about her spiritual growth and enjoys sharing her gifts. Her talents as a medium include providing insightful readings, as well as connecting others with their loved ones on the Other Side. Visit her personal website at http://elizabethlongs.com or book an appointment with her via our WebShop page.

Ondrea L. Darden, Certified Regression Hypnotist, Mindfulness Coach, Reiki Master

Ondrea is a devoted practitioner of the spiritual and intuitive arts, and is a passionate advocate for fostering personal growth through applied spiritual practice. Her specialties lie in Past Life Regression Therapy, Reiki healing, and spiritual mentoring. Visit her at https://www.thebluelotus-rva.com/. Book an appointment with her on our WebShop page.

Tomas Karlsson, Healer

Tomas has had a gift for healing throughout his life. For decades, his healing abilities have grown in both wisdom and skill. For nearly 20 years, Tomas has provided a free healing service, and graciously accepts donations of any amount. Visit him and his wife Lori, also a healer, at http://freehealing.org/. Tomas and his wife Lori (who is also an artisan who specializes in crystals and handmade crafts) can be contacted via our WebShop page.

Heather Danielle, Psychic Medium, Certified Life Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner

Heather is a motivational speaker and spiritual mentor presently based in Detroit, Michigan. An exceptional intuitive, medium, & healer, she offers private and long distance services. She is founder & owner of Rise Into Your Power and has recently published her first children's book, "The Day The Sun Slept In". To book an appointment with Heather via CHHAC, visit our WebShop.


Marietta Goldman, Certified International Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner

Marietta specializes in helping women who are struggling to feel healthy. Her goal is in creating a soul shift so they can find the freedom to truly heal. She holds certificates from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, along with an advanced certificate in Nutritarian Studies. Visit her website or connect with her via CHHAC's WebShop.

Megan Cummings, Certified Yoga Instructor, Creative Coach for Kids

Megan is the owner & founder of Blue Spirit Kids. Working with kids and teens is her specialty, even as a yoga instructor. A creative entrepreneur and inspiring promoter, guiding the young toward more positive and happy living, her business offers a variety of innovative ideas and projects for kids & teens. Check out her ad or make an appointment with her on our WebShop page.

Anita Snellings, CSYT, CET, CHTP

Anita is a Svaroopa®Yoga instructor, specializing in releasing tension in the muscles connected to your spine and in the deeper layers of your body. She offers private and semi-private yoga sessions, classes, a variety of energy-based healing modalities, as well as mind training, digestive health, and nutritional guidance. She is the owner of Peaceful Body Yoga. Visit our Healing Services and WebShop page to book an appointment with her.

Kim Gerlach, Luminosity Medium,
Shamanic Practitioner

Kim Gerlach serves uniquely with her shamanic skills. Trained as a Luminosity Medium and Shamanic Practitioner, she graduated the Shamanic Spring School in Gryphons Grove with her focus of study being Christina Pratt Energy Body Mastery. Visit her on Facebook or email her for an appointment. For a list of her services on CHHAC, visit our WebShop page.

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