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Some Online Offerings Will Be Open for Enrollment by Fall 2022.

creative prosperity

ONLINE PRACTICE PROGRAMS will be some of the first online offerings to release. These will be via ZOOM meetings.
Participants will get the chance to work with other participating students in assigned breakrooms, as well as receive feedback, assistance, and answers to questions by their host instructor. Be on the lookout for the upcoming Fall 2022 schedule for the following online practices:

  • Intuitive Online Practice
  • Mediumship Online Practice
  • Tarot/Oracle Online Practice

Those interested in the practice sessions who wish to request a certain day (morning/afternoon/evening) to better satisfy their availibilty and need, please email Judith at: and she will try to accommodate you.

Classes will be created over a period of months and will be announced as soon as they become available.

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More information about how to enroll, make payments, and in-depth descriptions for each course listed on the "All Courses" page will be provided as work is completed. Thanks for you patience, and we hope you're as excited as we are in providing you a means to either begin your spiritual journey, continue it, or broaden it with like-minded people.

Love & Light!

Judith Kohnen
Judith Kohnen, RN, SC-C, CHTP
Instructor, Author, Spiritual Coach & Mentor

I love sharing my knowledge and teaching others how to bring success and more fulfillment into their life! Especially in fun and creative ways, which I've tried to express in each of the courses soon to become public.

As founder and owner of the Community Health & Holistic Arts Center - over a thousand members joining my Mediumship & Intuitive Development Circle Meetup - I realized there are many who aren't able to attend the meetups in-person and how wonderful it would be to create an academy of online training for those who really want and seek guidance. After more than 30 years of working in healthcare environments, and now nearly a decade of educating and guiding others on their spiritual path, I now know that "home" is anywhere I can share my wisdom.

My ultimate goal has always been to serve with compassion and a personal commitment toward the empowerment of others.CHHAC’s Online Academy: Training School for Personal & Spiritual Development has only just begun, and it is with high hopes and dedication to provide students all over the globe with a bit of knowledge, if only to assist them just one step further in achieving their own personal goals.

I also have a love of writing and write romantic fiction filled with love, fun, adventure, suspense, and always happy endings - because, don't we all want that for ourselves? My first novel has been blessed with 14 Awards and Winning Honors since its first publication in 2014 – One Chance, One Moment - Book One: The Mandy Story, and followed by it's suspenseful sequel For The Love of Mandy. I am presently working on a few non-fiction projects that are self-help books, expected to release in 2021.

Please note that some of the courses listed under the ALL COURSES page for CHHAC’s Online Academy are currently being created, and will release as they become available. Any suggestions of topics not listed on the website that is of interest for study, please contact us for new course consideration.

Instructor: Judith Kohnen

Phone: (804) 247-4667


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